Monday, February 6, 2012

Sharks spotted in Hermosa Beach

Feb 2

The same day I spotted this a 10-15 foot great white was spotted by lifeguards at the Hermosa Pier.  this happens about once a year, perhaps his food had been dining on the krill I saw the day before.

Sand Shark
When I was kid I used be afraid a of sand sharks thinking they lived on the beach.  Mom that wasn't true.
(maybe mom was wrong)

Best defense against  sand sharks is too build a castle
or just fly away with the pelicans
 I guesscould go on the offensive?
The only fish I catch are plastic ones on the sand

What an angel!
 I think the designer could have spent a little more time making this turtles face!

This designer spent too much time on the lips
(I think I got like 5 of this fish now)

 Tiny useless frisbee the kind you get 8 for $1 to help fill your party bags at your kid's b-day. 
I think the world record distance throw for one of these is around 11 feet.
 I wonder what I'm gonna win!
(I hope it's an avocado)
Last but not least I found my new favorite foot massager

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