Thursday, May 30, 2013

A gift from god or a negligent child? Either way it's my shovel now :)

I don't believe in the "Supernatural" but I do believe that "Nature is Super" Many things I appreciate are well beyond my gasp of knowledge which I consider miraculous.
Perhaps I'm wrong and there's a good old god  putting all these shovels on the beach for me to find.
In that case:
"Can I a get an Amen?"
 What could it be?  Do you have a guess?  I was pleasantly surprised when I flipped it over.
   Scroll Down for ANSWER
These Shovels keep getting bigger. It might be even larger than the one I found the day before but not quite as cool.
You know I get a lot of looks from the ladies on the beach when they see some dude running with a big old shovel in his hand.
Every girls fantasy come true right?
 Good thing I'm not in a hurry
What are the odds that 2 days in a row I would find fortunes made by the same cookie company about 3 miles apart?
If "Dong" means "East" Then what means "West"
That's probably why I live on the "West Coast"  
I'm just saying.
I already forgot yesterdays the last vocabulary lesson but I won't soon forget this one. 
Because I'm immature that's why.

Did you guess it was a foam  Chef Frisbee?  I sure didn't and I was pleasantly surprised.  About 10 years ago I had a Sponge Bob Frisbee made by the same company.  They actually fly pretty good but their durability is suspect unless you play catch on the beach. 
 "Me Miao"
(I just remembered yesterdays vocabulary lesson.)

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  1. Looks to me like you are kindred spirits.