Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anyone have a Ghetto blaster I can borrow?

Have you ever seen one of these before.
I'm dying to know whats on it 
but I haven't found player yet.
I hope it's the Fat Boys cover of

either that or
some  wacky answering machine messages.
It had been awhile since I found any cash. 
Look out COINSTAR here I come.

Bonus find 
W/ no photo 
As I am running some dude waves me down.  I'm horrible at remembering names or faces.  It seems like the dude knows me so I wave back pretending that he is some long lost friend.

It turns out the dude doesn't know me.  (HA HA) He had lost his car key in the sand and wanted me to keep an out for it.
The chances of finding it were almost ZERO.  That is unless you have the worlds greatest shovel collector on the job.
15 min's  later I found his key with only about 5% sticking out of the sand.  I jogged back about a mile, the dude was calling me a hero and I was pretty happy someone could benefit from my skills.
The last thing I found was a new Bumper sticker.
Yes I s see the irony in a a stop oil sticker on  my car

The end

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