Friday, December 12, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy star Found Dead of a cocaine overdose on the shore of Manhattan Beach.

The weather report said that we were to have the biggest storm that southern California had seen in 3 years.  It rained for like 15 minutes last night and their was a bit of drizzle lingering this morning.

I didn't plan or not plan on running.  I don't really plan on anything other than avocados. 
 (it sucks when none of them are ripe)

I got to the beach around 10:30 and the weather was quite pleasant albeit a little breezy but the sand was warm and the sun felt good on my back. 
 The beach was empty and the surf was violent.  As for me? I trotted along optimistic about the strange crap I would find today.  When you get crazy surf, stuff comes out of the ocean that has been there for a long time. 

My first find was this little Lemur.  I almost stepped on her and for a second I thought It was a real rat which creeped me but quickly made me smile.  
(I think she shall reside in the back window of my car where she can bask in the sun all day and scare people from tailgating me)

A few miles later I spotted somthing just passed the tide line.
What could it be?

"Rocket" from Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm not sure if it really is him but i'm not a trained veterinarian?
I don't think it takes that much cocaine for a raccoon to overdose and that movie made a ton of money.

I had never seen a dead raccoon on the beach before.  I need a beer.
Empty, Bummer!
I have to pick these up or else the city will blame me for it
(the plight of having a Beer sponsor)

After another mile I saw another Raccoon.  This time it was all furry and rigamortis had not set in.  I didn't take a picture because well one dead raccoon is anomaly 2 starts to feel like a plague.  
(I was in denial)

 I kept running
I found some of the usual crap which took  my mind off the dead raccoons.
 4 shovels, some scratched up Unicorn glasses, a rake and a turtle.

I also picked up no less than 20 mylar balloons which I despise. 
 I decided to let my little lemur friend play on the rocks realizing that she way less creepy than a dead raccoon.
 I found some balls.  The Patrick one is my favorite. 
(what a surprise)
 I also found a genuine Hermosa Beach Frisbee. A few of the local Liquor stores still sell these.  I'm guessing this one had been in the ocean a at least a year or two.  I think this is the 4th one I have found and they fly pretty good. 
 (I was able hit a trash can with a lucky throw from about 150 feet with ferocious onshore wind.)

As I finished up my run I took one more peak at raccoon number 2.  As I stared at it from about 30 feet away.  It began to move.
 "Holy Shiznits" 
 I thought for sure it was dead?  I told the nearest life guard about a half mile later and he said that  he would contact animal control and that they would try and help save it.

My last find 
An unopened Natural Light

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