Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Payed to do what I love. Disney's dirty Secret. Screw you Chevron with Techron and Gay shovels. Just another day at the Beach

The forecast said the weather was gonna suck! But I'm supposed to bail town tonight to the cold coast (Boston)where the weather sucks even worse.

The plan was for a 2 hour soft sand run but to my surprise Hallelujah  the sun was shining and my legs spun for over 4 hours
 I love getting payed to do what I love.  In another six years I can finally pay off the $7.99 watch I bought for the Boston Marathon
I knew it was kind of pink but not that pink. Look out for the macho bearded dude running in a skirt with a pink watch on.  
 Super ball VS.Smash ball.  Is it just me or does it look like they sizing each other up?
I get excited when I find a lighter (I find a lot of them most don't work)  I'm not sure if it's ingrained in my DNA to be in Ahh of fire or me trying to rekindle (get it rekindle)  my childhood but I always pick them up.

Sad true Hollywood story coming up...
 Shortly after filming the movie "CARS 2" Lightning Mcqueen became addicted to to "techron" (an additive added to chevron fuels) With gas prices on the rise he quickly blew through the millions of $$$ he collected from Disney.  TMZ recently got footage of him giving back alley Lube Jobs to pay for his fix. 

Sidenote did you know Tomader was actually a 2009 Chevy towtruck with same addiction?
Screw You Chevron with Techron!
 I think these shovels are gay for eachother and I don't think they should be afraid of their feelings.

 So on my run today I was pondering a beer mile In Boston. Okay Cool right? But I need small shovels for awards and then I find these two. 
(yes I know the stupid photographer forgot to add anything to show scale)
I have found at least 10 of these I think they would be cool for play dough but they rally make no sense at the beach. 
And this is a boat without a sail

The End

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living the dream! Best run of 2014

I was in a good mood when I went to the beach yesterday after all it was Monday my favorite day of the week.
The sun was shining and my body felt strong.
(relatively speaking)
 I don't  eat fortune cookies (most aren't vegan)  but I get excited  when a fortune finds me on the beach this is probably the 10th one I have ever found

"Magnanimity will bring you Universal respect"

I'd settle for the measly respect of the 100-400 billion planets in our galaxy The respect of the whole Universe I think that's a little far fetched.
 Next up I found this, Okay off to a good start I guess.

Sidenote Mumbo Jumbo:
If I'm running on a trail I really enjoy seeing all the wildflowers that mother nature has perfected over the eons. On the beach there are no flowers, so I do my best to enjoy some of mother natures other creations. :)

(you might be able to guess where this is going)

A few blocks after passing the Hermosa Beach pier I spotted what I thought was another shovel near the shoreline? At the time I running  down the center of the beach so I veered towards my prize at 45 degree angle.  
That's when My eyes caught gaze of somthing even better.
Better than a shovel, what could it be?
Two of the most beautiful topless women I ever seen.  Well done Mother nature!
(I totally forgot all about the shovel maybe I'll find it on my next run)

Thankfully this was part of an out and back section of my run and I would return in a little over a mile. For some reason my pace increased.  
Go Figure? :)

I have a wandering eye as much as the next guy but as luck would have before returning to the topless babes I found this bitch'n pair peace sign sunglasses. "Just looking  straight forward that sand in from me totally focused on my run." 
Yeah right!
Earlier in the morning I had changed my Facebook profile pic to this drawing I made in the sand last year, then I find topless girls and peace sign glasses. Can you say 
I was less than 4 miles into my 16 mile run.
Not that exciting but here's a rake
This my fourth foot I have found on the beach I treasure each one of them.
I found this strainer that looks like a butterfly net and then I found a butterfly.
I found this hot wheel that I would later use to open my beer.
Shovels always make me happy
And lastly I found a Lacrosse ball somthing I use just about every day to massage my feet.  In fact I am using this one right now.
I wonder what I'll find today?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking for a gift for that special someone this V-day? Don't kill a Flower?. Save a shovel instead!

Looking for a gift for that special someone this V-day?
Why kill a Flower?.
When you can save a shovel instead!
One Dozen long stemmed shovels can be yours for just $49.99 With Essence of the Pacific thrown in at no extra charge.
If you lover smiles at the gift you know your love is true.

Act Now and Receive
Mother natures super glue
Premium shovels available at quintuple the cost.

What you say you want one of the world famous shovels on a string?
Sorry Charlie,  and No way Jose.
Your gonna have to run a beer mile to get one of them.
For the weirdo's out there rakes can also be ordered 
be warned you will probably be dumped because it's not a shovel.
(Shovels sizes and color will vary.)
Chances are more than one of your shovels will also be broken

Monday, February 3, 2014

Found on the Moon

You would think my stride would be longer due to the lack of gravity?
I wonder if they belonged to Buzz?

When you're smiling The whole world smiles with you

Friday morning I was in a good mood
Right back attacha Louis
First day of the Year or the Horse.
 (My Chinese birth year)

That morning I met with a new company that I would be representing and gave their product a try.
No it wasn't NERF.
yes I was smiling the whole time.
More on this to come

Bonus: A new 5 day  World Record 
My finds from the day before that I was too lazy to give it's post.

"44 Shovels Found"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Early bird catches the Sea-Leach

I arrived at the beach before the morning fog had lifted, I had found 16 shovels the past two days and thought perhaps I had picked the beach bone dry.
What the hell was I thinking!
 13 shovels 3 star fish, 2 crabs 2 bunnies  a buch of castle stuff plus a bit of whatever I'm too lazy to describe it.
How do I carry all this crap you ask?
Well I run with my shirt in my hand an most of it wrapped up inside.  Plus what you see here is only about 1/4 of what I pick up, the other stuff goes straight in the trash can before it is washed out to sea.  The shit that isn't already broken will either get thrown away or destroyed by lifeguard trucks aimlessly driving down the beach before I get to it. What am I going to do with it? Good question! I have given away most, made some art, made some beer mile awards and am  receptive to new ideas?
I have become quite the aficionado of crappy plastic beach toys but have never found any of these bunnies until today and they were separated by over 2 miles.   Never seen the Mickey head before either,  As for the Chuckie whistle it still works "Yes" It is the third one I have found in 2 years
I think this Sea-Leach latched on too me during the run because he fell out of my shorts just before taking a shower.

So nice, I had to run twice

I arrived at the beach in the early afternoon with plenty of time to get in a nice run. 
 God finds ,Batman frisbee, a few shovels , an octopus a couple crabs and a big old whale.
   Plus this little kitten I forgot was hidden in my pocket for safe keeping

I still had a few moments of sunshine left to enjoy. 
Life is short I better keep going:
 I found this Chi Chi  Rodriquez power bracelet (minus the power part) It's probably still on my wrist? .....
(looking down)
Yep it still is 
 Awkward Heart = solidarity with my soul
(sure why not)
 For those on the East Coast this is a Pro Kadema paddle
 Broken but still worthy, both myself and this shovel.
 Found it sticking up the sand and snapped a pic
 same with this one a 1/2 mile later
7th shovel of the day
 The sun was almost gone, I'll go one more mile then head back home.
 Do I really live here?
Is this really my wife?
And this my home?