Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Payed to do what I love. Disney's dirty Secret. Screw you Chevron with Techron and Gay shovels. Just another day at the Beach

The forecast said the weather was gonna suck! But I'm supposed to bail town tonight to the cold coast (Boston)where the weather sucks even worse.

The plan was for a 2 hour soft sand run but to my surprise Hallelujah  the sun was shining and my legs spun for over 4 hours
 I love getting payed to do what I love.  In another six years I can finally pay off the $7.99 watch I bought for the Boston Marathon
I knew it was kind of pink but not that pink. Look out for the macho bearded dude running in a skirt with a pink watch on.  
 Super ball VS.Smash ball.  Is it just me or does it look like they sizing each other up?
I get excited when I find a lighter (I find a lot of them most don't work)  I'm not sure if it's ingrained in my DNA to be in Ahh of fire or me trying to rekindle (get it rekindle)  my childhood but I always pick them up.

Sad true Hollywood story coming up...
 Shortly after filming the movie "CARS 2" Lightning Mcqueen became addicted to to "techron" (an additive added to chevron fuels) With gas prices on the rise he quickly blew through the millions of $$$ he collected from Disney.  TMZ recently got footage of him giving back alley Lube Jobs to pay for his fix. 

Sidenote did you know Tomader was actually a 2009 Chevy towtruck with same addiction?
Screw You Chevron with Techron!
 I think these shovels are gay for eachother and I don't think they should be afraid of their feelings.

 So on my run today I was pondering a beer mile In Boston. Okay Cool right? But I need small shovels for awards and then I find these two. 
(yes I know the stupid photographer forgot to add anything to show scale)
I have found at least 10 of these I think they would be cool for play dough but they rally make no sense at the beach. 
And this is a boat without a sail

The End

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