Monday, January 2, 2012

Trash, Treasure and lot's of Shovels

Did someone give up on PEACE and toss their bracelet on the sand (I hope Not)
I like to believe that the FSM left it here for me to find as friendly reminder.  I wore it during my next five runs and it now resides on the dash of my car.
Arch Enemies
The flamboyant super hero and slutty Bratz doll.
I wonder who would win this battle?

When the major motion picture of my life based on my life comes out it shall be titled 'The Broken Shovel."
And I shall be played by Natalie Portman (how could she pass up that role of lifetime?)
Here is an example of nice quality design.
The cup is neither half full nor half empty because its got freaking holes on the bottom.

Nice grip but the scoop needs to be made of thicker plastic
Duplo Fire Hydrant?
A very Innocent toy
A very phallic toy
Apocalyptic Super balls
You can't spell BingO without 74.   Somewhere somebody is cheating.
And you thought that missing dart was behind the couch.  It's mine ! All mine!  Woo Hoo Ha Ha ha!!
My hair is gonna look so pretty.  (Not really)
The wicked witch  got drunk, jumped off the pier and melted in the ocean.  This was all that was left.  Or maybe some kid just left their shoe in the sand

How'd that get in here.  
(lol somebody has a problem controlling their ego.)

Maybe a should open up a used sand toy shop next summer?  
Another one bites the dust
Who knew Jasmine was such a butt-her face?
Eventually I will light this ball on fire and hacky sack with it till there is nothing left.  (kid's don't try that home)
Back in 1987 I thought these were cool.  Now that they back in style I'm not cool enough to wear them.
Crappy design but timeless classic.
Worthy of use in my garden

I found one of these ealier in the Year.  Guess who's dressing up as Wolverine next Halloween?
My last shovel of the year.
I wonder what I'll find in 2012?

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