Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Unlikely But Powerful Alliance: The Fool and the King of Swords? Faith + Reason = Manifestation

 Yesterday's finds started out just like any other day.  That's a good thing because I appreciate a good shovel.
 I found both cards face down (I was hoping for a 4 of clubs)

Let's see what it means? After a quick google search of the  "Fool+King of Swords"
(even cooler than finding a fortune cookie)
An Unlikely But Powerful Alliance: The Fool and the King of Swords? Faith + Reason = Manifestation

The Fool is one of my favorite cards in the tarot. First of all, it’s me. I am a total Fool! To me this card represents being willing to start off on your path at a time when it feels completely risky, when you are afraid that what you’re really doing is jumping off a cliff blindfolded. In other words, it stands for faith — faith that as long as you keep walking (and even when you stand still) the path will still be there under your feet. In addition, with this Fool’s path going through the mountains, this card speaks to me of spiritual enlightenment and of clear, brisk mountain energy — because, if you’re into crystals, being in or near the mountains feels like being surrounded by giant crystals — which in a sense is what mountains are. So good for your energy.
How does the Fool combine with the King of Swords? The King of Swords doesn’t exactly believe in being Foolish. Rather, he believes in taking a good hard look at things. Using logic and reason to slice through the clouds of doubt. If the King of Swords takes a path through the mountains, I guarantee you he’s Google-mapped it first! And he’s not bringing a bundle tied at the end of a stick. He’s bringing a backpack stockpiled with everything he might need.
So this is an unlikely alliance. What brings these two together? What happens if we put the sword of reason into the Fool’s hand? What happens if we take the King of Swords off his throne and send him on an adventure?
Here’s what I think. Our unlikely alliance is a powerful combination. If we tap into our own inner Fool and our inner King of Swords simultaneously, what can’t we do? Imagine the right and left halves of your brain working in concert.
Go forth and manifest something wonderful.

 Too bad I didn't find the matching speedo.
 More shovel's
A pig with it's legs and tail broken off perhaps?   I'm not quite sure what it is other than my new best friend.
 Nice patina on this rusty old bottle cap
 Giant shovel. (hard to carry) Might be the first place prize at Born to Run Beer mile?
 You ever notice how much a shovel can resemble a wine glass?
 I would never buy a wammo but I like playing catch with them. This is a wammo Malibu mold.

 (I hold a grudge because the company illegally trademarked the word "frisbee" back in the day and because of that  frisbee golf  had to change it's name to disc golf.
group photo.

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