Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Beginning of the Best Week Ever

I didn't expect the sun to come out but that wasn't gonna stop me from running on the beach.  I had a vibe of optimism flowing through my bloodstream.  No time like to present to start the best the best week ever!

I lagged a bit and didn't get to the beach till the early afternoon but that's okay I still had a smile on my face.  The body felt good and I was ready to run.  Well as luck would have it less than 1/4 mile into  my run I see this topless Asian babe on the border of M.B. and H.B. (and it wasn't the only fake pear I would see or take home?)
Post run pic I sent to some chick
Is it just me or do you see a resemblance between me and the grinch when he is finally excepted by the people of Woville?

Being the dude that I am a big old Sweeney grin developed as I ran past (and remained on my face long into the night).  She looked at me with a hint of a smile and a bit of raised eyebrow.  
 What  does it mean?  
Best week ever is alive and kickin :).

Now the beauty of running more miles on the sand than anyone else is that I get see a lot of "interesting" things.  Sometimes the view causes me to cramp up and stretch and other times it may make me adjust my course to turn around sooner that I otherwise would.. Today my run had just begun and I used visual imagery put a skip my step

Perhaps this girl was the one? After all we do have a lot in common: we're both topless and love the beach. (if only I'd had that shoe I found last week).

 I was hoping to find a gift for this young lady while I ran perhaps a heart shaped rock, a flower or maybe a diamond ring for that matter?
The first thing I found was a piece of tar in the shape of heart. If she's a smoker maybe that would work? but I can do better. 

 Hmm. Maybe she would like this shovel covered in tar? Chances are there's some tar on foot so maybe its fitting?
Now that's a quality shovel.  What girl doesn't love a shovel?  It's got that synthetic wood grain that oozes style.  Call me out fashion if you may but If chick doesn't love plastic shovels it's kind of deal breaker.

Arachnophobia monster truck? Although I thinks it's cool and I would find it cool if she thought it was cool I'm guessing cool is not the way most girls would describe this gift. 

I was running hard (lol) with a smile for over two hours. And everybody knows it takes 42,000 muscles to frown and only 7 to smile which makes it much more efficient allowing get in the zone and feast upon a runners high. The combo of endorphins and positive vibes created a wave of euphoria like no other

Finally I was almost back to the topless chick. But  I'm a pretty shy dude how should I approach this situation? 
Luck would have it she was still there (Sweet)  but she had a top on and was with a dude in a chair. I would never bring a chair to the beach, that's absurd, to each their own but sand is pretty F'n cool when it comes to making your own furniture. And any chick who wants a dude in a chair is not the girl for me.(when did I get so picky?) 
thanks for stimulation time to keep running.

 along the way I found more crap (I always do) and laughing at my stupidity.
 Then I found a couple flowers.
 (theres only one in this picture for a reason)
I couldn't help but wonder what if I had started my run going the other direction?  I would have been back in less than an hour. Maybe I would have arrived before the chair dude? Maybe I would have woken up this morning in some swanky Beverly Hills apartment or some SnM Dungeon.
Who knows?

 I kept running
 This is where things become almost unbelievable! I'm running along trying to craft this story together in my head.  When I see a couple photographers near the water.
I'm pretty you can guess what I'm thinking/hoping?
 (It really takes so little to make me happy)

I usually run across this kind of thing by the rocks in El Porto but at 16th St. in Hermosa I was quite pleasantly surprised

The girl was wearing a tiny black thong and was holding a yellow sarong in her hands as she faced the camera with ocean behind her and her breasts glistening in the sun.

The world began to move is  in slow motion?
(well maybe I just slowed my pace?)
Kind of like that scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This time the body started to cramp up?  I better turn around at the pier  (12th St.) instead of going all the way to the end of Hermosa.
(just to be safe)
On the way back  I decided to veer down a little closer to the water.  By now the girl was sitting in the sand facing the ocean as the tide rolled up upon her.  Maybe 30ft away was her towel so I placed one of flowers I had found in the sand next to it as a token of my appreciation.  
Why not both Flowers you ask?
who knows how many topless girls I am gonna see before this run is over?
 I am not a big fan of balloons in fact I have vowed never to purchase one again for the rest of my life.
But this one could have been the perfect gift.
(A day late a Buck short)
Followed by another one
I'm not totally sure but I think this is the real Jewel that rich lady lost when the Titanic got sunk.  Most of  the diamonds are gone and it's a shame I couldn't find anyone to give it to
Who needs to buy a Vermont Teddy bear when their is much perfectly good treasure to be found on the beach?
 (If everyone ran on the sand Hallmark would have gone out of business a long time ago.)
Perhaps this telescope I found will help me find my true love?
It may not be the fake  pair I wanted to come home with me but I did find a fake pear.
(and you just thought I was bad at spelling)
What happens when the first girls you see on the beach is topless?
you end up with Blue Balls.
(I know there is only one blue ball but whatever I couldn't resist the stupid pun)

It was a pretty awesome  3 plus hour run and to be honest it's running that I love.  Sure topless women are great but I don't want to sit around for 3 hours doing nothing. Hmm? run for 2 1/2 hours and sit with topless girl for 1/2 hour? Or better yet find topless girl to run with:)

Everyday is new day with new opportunity for Awesomeness!  I'll be back on the sand today with smile on my face.  Regardless of what I may see see I find I shall embrace whatever comes away.  I'll have Heart shaped jewel with me just in case.    

Life is good!!! 

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  1. Sponge Bob's song "The Best Day Ever" was running through my head while I read that. :)