Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where can you find the best art in L.A? LACMA? The Getty? The Norton Simon? Look no further than where the sand meets the sea.

A couple days ago I signed up for the Endurance challenge 100, a 100 mile race through the streets of southern CA t raise money for the 100 mile club
 What the heck does this have to do with the beach.
Nothing really
But lets pretend it does because I am trying to raise money for a good cause
For the last few days the tide has been super low.  I usually run on the soft sand but since I have this 100 mile road race coming up I decided  will run on the hard pack at least once a day since it it will work similar muscles as running on the road. BLAH BLAH BLAH 

"Fine I'll get to the art already"
I like to put my name in the sand sometimes

I am huge fan of the artistic spirit that is in everyone of us!

  It was a nice sunny Saturday afternoon, the tide was  low  and mother nature provided the perfect canvas for people to express themselves. I decided to bring my camera along to capture each masterpiece before the ocean did.

You never know what your gonna find other than a few puzzled looks and a bunch of smiles.
 Where is this you ask?
You want more specific?
But where in L.A.?
(Continued on next pic)
"Am I right?"
(Answer below)
Yes or no?
Cali Beach Sept 2013
"Summer not over yet!"
(I like the optimism )
What was special about today?
Happy Birthday to Alexandra
And Happy birthday to Maddie
Did you know  did you know it was Girls weekend 13?
How could I have forgotten?
Time for a little Love
 This little dude Loves the beach
 Somebody loves god
 and everybody loves Boob
Luke  got a little lazy on the "E"
 Emily is loved
 I think this dude has a thing for Sheri?
Tommy loves his mom
I think she loves "balls"
How could you not love that?
 Love comes in all different languages
 Some people are very fleeting with their love
 Love's Deborah
but not Stephanie
And Suzanna?
 The pink pajamas and banjo playing got old after awhile
Shot through the heart.

I kept searching for my name in the sand but it was nowhere to be found?
"Thats Life"
(It must of washed away with the tide)
I new I should have gotten to beach earlier in the day
Sure why not
I still got luck on my side
 No thanks I'll have a
 If  your willing to take the time you can learn somthing from the sand?
Like how to count to 7
 the Alphabet backwards
Or even "Game Theory"
(Dude X's down the middle? Diabolical!)

I saw plenty of animals including
and Swamp monsters.
Who else was at the beach
"Thomas was here"

 so was "Danica"
 and even 

Now for a few portraits
Sponge Bob Skeleton?
 I see a pirate although it kind of looks my buddy Shacky
(I love the youthfulness in this drawing)
 Aint she pretty? 
 That dude had a tough childhood
 I think this happy face got attacked by zombies or maybe the dude above it.
 I see a ninja, maybe a ninja turtle even?
The sun was setting 
 it was time to head home
 to my castle
 Life is so much better when you take time to smell the roses!
(not this rose silly I'm speaking metaphorically, this rose smelled like salt)

Alyssa is awesome!

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