Monday, May 30, 2011


What the hell am I gonna do with all this Crap?

Lately I've been thinking about doing some arts and crafts.  I have three projects that I have been pondering.

Shovel Spinning Generator
Perhaps in the future the whole world will be shovel powered.

Frisbee center, toy car axle to revolve on, shovels catch the wind and spin the contraption. 
My nephews have a tiny windmill generator that I will try and attach.  My guess is that i will create about the same electrical current as a potato. 

Bamboo wind chime

Last October I almost bought aq Skull bamboo wind chime.  I'm poor and bamboo is free.  Why waste my money when I can make my own?

I started picking up some bamboo last week.  Not much washes ashore in the South Bay so this could take awhile but that's okay. 

I only want to use items I find on the sand.  Sadly Balloon string is readily available.  Might as well take advantage of this resource.

Bird Feeder
I really don't have a plan so far.  
If I go with a dish style design I can use a frisbee or large shell.

When I run with a pocket I usually pick up plastic caps to throw away.  The  Machines that clean the beach tend to run  them over without picking them up.  They don't biodegrade and I worry that some sort of sea life or bird might eat them.  I've decided to start a collection but am not sure yet what will become of it.

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