Wednesday, May 4, 2011


One of my favorite things I've found so far.  Is this Octopus having an identity crisis?  He only has four tentacles and only one eyeball (like a squid). He looks like a pretty smug dude winking at me, in an effort to convey that
"Everything is all good"

The weather was over 80 degrees frying the brains of children and parents alike.  I ran in the afternoon a scavenged a few other sand toys

The blue shovel's okay.
  The sifter is pretty sweet (it almost has the face of a Tiki or some type of Mayan God.  If another Gold rush hits Cali  I'll be ready. 
The last thing I found was the tiny green shovel.  This is by far the smallest shovel I have found.  Perfect for the glove compartment.  You never know when your gonna need to build an emergency sand castle.

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