Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Funism: Wake Up And Frolic

 Just before stepping on to the sand I came across this.  I think the artist and I may be kindred spirits :)
(But wait there's more?)
 Be Kind Every Day!
(So Cool)
It looks like this little feller is trying to hand me it's heart.  "I'll take you home little buddy."
What kind of girl wears this to the beach and how do you forget one shoe in he sand? 
(A girl who drank lots of booze I presume)
Perhaps she is my Cinderella?  
Two weeks ago I found an Orange "B" and noe an Orange "K" What does  it mean? and What letter will I find next?
I found this "S" but it turned out to be skittle :)
For all those thousands readers who come here for your shovel fetish. Here you go
Good night!

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