Thursday, May 30, 2013

Post Holiday Run

The day after nice 3 day Holiday weekend the beach should be packed with Shovels
(especially since I was out of town all weekend)
In the morning I could only squeak in a a 90 min run.
It's always good to find a couple shovels. The sifter is kind of nice.  I always need more "Tent Stakes"  due to my Herculean strength I break at least one everytime I go camping (or maybe it's because I'm pretty damn careless.) Another smash ball "Sweet" the last one I found I gave to some girls who invited me to play with them for awhile.  Lastly a "Tea Cup"  In the last month I have found 3 others plus a tea pot, now I got a full set.  Who doesn't love tea with a hint of tar flavoring? 
 "I know but I got go I'll come back later this evening and finish the run."
Surprisingly I find a lot of fortunes on the beach.  It saved me $500 by not needing to purchase the rosetta stone
"Me Miao"

Evening run
 I saw this in the sand earlier in the day and thought maybe it belonged to somebody so I let it be.  Honestly I hate the game and think its more difficult than say trying to catch a tennis ball with your bare hand but my nephews will like it.
 Now were talking.  
That is the biggest shovel I have ever found! Someday if I ever get beat in the beer mile it will be my privilege to present this giant red shovel to my new idol. On the condition that they pass it on to anyone who defeats them (hopefully back to me)

Spiderman is pretty cool too he's made to hang on the wall and reminds of those Decorative Gecko's you buy that gift shop while on vacation. (or from this link to
 I think Dad,  had a few drinks on Memorial Day and forgot his Coozie
Luis Escobar I'm saving this for you.

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