Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Edition

Damn rain again!
It rains like 10 times a year and every time it seems it's right when I want to go to the beach and run.

News Flash I like to go to the beach and run everyday

My Vegan Thanksgiving dinner among a family of carnivores consisted of stuffing, avocados and water. Which I guess was a nice change of pace from Avocados and beer?
(well maybe not )
It was great to see the family and at least I didn't wake up the next day with a tryptophan hangover. 

Anyway it was now Black Friday the day every year that I put up the X-mas lights and sometimes go save a lot of money buying crap? 
(That's a dumb plan!)

By 3 p.m.  the rain had stopped.  Time to put up the X-mas lights? 
 That can wait till tomorrow I only got 2 hours of sunlight left.

Time to go shopping at my favorite place in the whole wide world?
Can you guess what I went shopping for? 
CLUE:  they are 100%  free.
 It sure is pretty out here.  I didn't take pictures of them but the beach was littered with funny East Coast wrapped up in scarfs jackets and big leather boots. 
Myself ?
 I wore in shorts.
 All of sudden god sent the sun down and burned up all the people at the end of the Hermosa Pier 
It probably  happened because i was thinking immoral thoughts about a girl I had just ran passed.  If its any consolation to the families of the deceased? 
She was pretty hot
 That was so yesterday.
I've said here before and I'll say it again Balloons suck! Well I kind of like em but when they get let go they fly out over the ocean and get eaten and kill many sea animals.  Also if you look at almost any pile of seaweed on the beach you will find balloon string.  I have vowed to myself never to purchase or release someone else's balloon into the sky for the rest of my life.  
 Wow! I don't see those to often.  I wonder if I can find the other side?
 The "Tri"ceratops has become my favorite dinosaur.  Way cooler  than the "Stagnent"asaurus
Even though you can't see them too well, the waves were massive maybe the best ones I have seen all year.
 There's that damn pier again
After a few miles I found the other side of the at Marine St.
That Lifeguard tower must be full of gold.
Vegan Turkey leg? 
After about 12 miles my X-mas shopping was done!

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