Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Synchronistic Finds

Saturday 4/26
 On an epic morning run after a few drops of rain I came up with quite the haul.
 I still had a few minutes and went out for a few more miles

(an eerily familiar pose to the pic above)
On Thursday I was running on the beach. (what a surprise) I spotted this tiny yellow disc near the end of my run. At first I thought it was a mini frisbee, then I thought maybe "V" for vegan or maybe it was just trash. For some reason or another it made it's way into my pocket and then my car. Whoop dee doo right?
about 3/4 of a mile from where I found the yellow disc almost completely buried in the sand (like a Pharoahs mother in law nobody liked) laid Mr. Peabody doing his best "king cuts" impersonation. Not a bad find. I finished my run and thought nothing of it. 
Later in the day I gazed down upon the spot in my car wear a passenger puts her feet? (great story so far huh)   Then it all clicked? 
Two inches from Mr. Peabody sat the Yellow disc! Separated by the sea they were now reunited and thus a stupid grin appeared on my face.

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