Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living the dream! Best run of 2014

I was in a good mood when I went to the beach yesterday after all it was Monday my favorite day of the week.
The sun was shining and my body felt strong.
(relatively speaking)
 I don't  eat fortune cookies (most aren't vegan)  but I get excited  when a fortune finds me on the beach this is probably the 10th one I have ever found

"Magnanimity will bring you Universal respect"

I'd settle for the measly respect of the 100-400 billion planets in our galaxy The respect of the whole Universe I think that's a little far fetched.
 Next up I found this, Okay off to a good start I guess.

Sidenote Mumbo Jumbo:
If I'm running on a trail I really enjoy seeing all the wildflowers that mother nature has perfected over the eons. On the beach there are no flowers, so I do my best to enjoy some of mother natures other creations. :)

(you might be able to guess where this is going)

A few blocks after passing the Hermosa Beach pier I spotted what I thought was another shovel near the shoreline? At the time I running  down the center of the beach so I veered towards my prize at 45 degree angle.  
That's when My eyes caught gaze of somthing even better.
Better than a shovel, what could it be?
Two of the most beautiful topless women I ever seen.  Well done Mother nature!
(I totally forgot all about the shovel maybe I'll find it on my next run)

Thankfully this was part of an out and back section of my run and I would return in a little over a mile. For some reason my pace increased.  
Go Figure? :)

I have a wandering eye as much as the next guy but as luck would have before returning to the topless babes I found this bitch'n pair peace sign sunglasses. "Just looking  straight forward that sand in from me totally focused on my run." 
Yeah right!
Earlier in the morning I had changed my Facebook profile pic to this drawing I made in the sand last year, then I find topless girls and peace sign glasses. Can you say 
I was less than 4 miles into my 16 mile run.
Not that exciting but here's a rake
This my fourth foot I have found on the beach I treasure each one of them.
I found this strainer that looks like a butterfly net and then I found a butterfly.
I found this hot wheel that I would later use to open my beer.
Shovels always make me happy
And lastly I found a Lacrosse ball somthing I use just about every day to massage my feet.  In fact I am using this one right now.
I wonder what I'll find today?

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