Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some days I run a smile, other days I run with a big old giant F'N Grin :)

 Hello little Dude
 Usually I found Lighters, this time I found a torch
 Look at that handsome devil,  I dare ya?
Some things just aren't meant to be pretty
(namely me)

Bonus FLASHBACK from earlier in the week.
All I found on my run tonight was one tiny little yellow bead and that's okay with me. I'm a patient man. I have a place for this bead and am currently working on my third beach bracelet.

Back to the present
I found another bead.

All the stuff so far is great and all?
But this is way better

Heart handled shovels are my very favorite thing to find.  First I found the tall green one.  Then about 5 minutes later I spotted it from a couple hundred feet away, 
I started laughing when I saw I it, could it be?
2 heart  shovels in one run?
I knew it the second I saw it!

 the 2nd rarest off all shovels.
The single tang with heart insert.

(My collection of Heart shovels now stands at somewhere between 10 and 20 but as much as I love finding them I also like giving them away)

What's the rarest shovel you ask?

The two tone heart inserted shovel. 
It's believed that there are only 4 in existence!
 One was awarded to my friend Sam at the Leadville Beer mile,   I still have 1.  One is looked up in the Smithsonian.  and the 4th?
That's why I keep running
Group photo
(I guess I found some other shovels too)

Bonus Photos's
It was a pretty night and I had nowhere to be but 
right there!


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