Monday, August 1, 2011


What the hell happened to July.  

Summer has been flying by.

  I'm still at the beach every chance I get.  Each time I run I scour the sand for trove.  I remain ever diligent in search! (yeah sure) I must  ignore the grace of the dolphins swimming or the gull's in flight.  The beauty of a million girls in bikinis or a 1,000 glorious sunsets I see none of it. 

Gold Fever? NO!  

I could careless about money!

It's plastic shovels that I'm after

(sorry about the rambling)

Well I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd clean out some crap from the trunk of my car.  What you see above are all item's I found last month.  I probably found about 3 times as many things but I'm getting better about giving away the better sand toys when ! come across sad kids with hot moms (did I really just say that?) 

I finally found a bucket! Then later on the same run I found a second one. (what are the odd's?)  I think if I take the one with the Panda's on it to the zoo I might get a discount on popcorn as well. (bonus)
 Of course I found some shovels.  I always find shovels
One day I found this broken shovel.  I have a thing broken shovels (wow, what a strange fetish) You see when I was kid I was acrayon breaker.  (still am)  I may have a kind heart but I'm  not a real gentile dude.  When my nephews were younger, I  would give my best effort to dig the biggest hole I could. Almost every time I would break their shovels sometimes 2 or 3 of them. (what a bad uncle)  Anyway the broken shovels on the beach let me know that I'm not alone. :)  
Well,I was stoked  to find  the broken green shovel but later in the same run I found the Goliath.  (the biggest shovel in my collection)
It's amazing that modern technology can now combine a rake a sifter (wow)
 That fish has a strange smile (I wonder what he's up to?) and my first gator

 Found them both on the same run
 Found the discs on the same day but different runs
 Now I can finally organize my tools.

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