Wednesday, August 31, 2011

 Here's what I found this August
 Nice stamp, but not enough weight to it to be used at the beach.  I bet it's owners threw it twice and gave up.
 I Dig toys.  So far I've found about 8 Duplo's not enough to make anything cool yet.  The plane had seen better days and the car looks like happy meal toy from the Disney movie.
 Connect four "Sweet"
Who play connect four at the beach?  I've never seen anyone doing so.
If your out there and want your game piece back, I challenge you to a game.  (although I prefer mastermind)
Shovels my bread and butter this only one I found all month in working order.  Basic design perfect for 1 to 3 year old.
More often than not this is what I found.
"Solidarity with my brethren."
I'm really not that pretty of a dude thank god I found these barrettes to sprucen me up a bit.
It didn't work
 The cuff of a leash   Maybe I could use this in some kind of S&M bondage kind a thing
(just thinking of possibilities)
Money money money.
After finding the dollar I searched around for more to no avail.
I decided to invest it wisely
Really what the hell am I gonna do with a bunch a cash.  At least the California schools will get 1/1,000,000,000 of the money I spent on this ticket
I'm a winner?
Find out next month what happens next (thrilling I know)
These Stupid things always make me happy.  My garden is now full of them
That elephant must have a big brain!

 The final two runs of the month a very absurd thing happened.

I strongly believe in Equality!!(you know) Equal rights between the sexes should be a fundamental in the laws of our fine country.
For some reason they don't exist at the beach?

It use to be once out of every 10 runs or so I would see a topless on the sand but sadly those numbers have gone down .
But not last two days

Yesterday while running (topless myself as always) I saw a nice lady expressing her right to be equal.  I gave her a little fist pump ( you know power to the people)
Then later I found this pink top.  I didn't think of it I guess it was kind of a coincidence?

Then today as I was running past the Manhattan Pier and I came across another beautiful topless woman. (viva la resistance) 
And then in a strange twist of fate about five minutes later I found another pink spinning top in the sand
(however I lost it before I got home)
Perhaps the topless girl found it.

Bizarre coincidence or is the God Pan playing tricks on me?
I don't know and I don't care all I know is that I ran with a smile both days

Well that's it for August.  Who knows what September will bring?

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