Saturday, October 8, 2011


Over half the month I was out of town.  I didn't get to spend as much time in the sand as I would like 
Here's what I found

Now I don't have to  suffer the embarrassment by a similar scrunchie at target.

The robot looks pretty tough right? I decided to smash I open so you could see who  it's driver was
I thought It was fairy but it turned out to be this dude
It was a slow moth for shovels and rakes
At least they were a matching color
Who doesn't like flowers?
I'd much rather havve a castle built of sand than stone.
Like my foot prints
I'm totally cool with my mark on this planet washing away with the tide.
My elementary school alma mater
My buddies dog was very pleased with this find
Dude, a mastermind peg, I love that game! It's going right in my collection next to connect four piece.

The key, what does it go to?  Perhaps to chest full plastic shovels?

I'm starting a bracelet with all the beads I find. When its complete I hope to make at least a quarter on ebay. 

I'm guessing this shoe belonged to a pirate baby who couldn't get it to stay on his peg leg.
Whenever it rains the beach gets covered in balls.  I once went 17 days in row finding a ball on my run each time.

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