Friday, January 13, 2012


 It's about time I got a new tooth brush.  I wonder if it will make my breath smell better or worse?
 Of all the corks I could of found?
 A post would not be complete without at least one shovel
 A lonely sand piper

I found tennis ball and I spent about a mile practicing my rarajipari skills. I was constantly getting about 60 ft per flick which is pretty good considering you don't get much roll after the initial impact with the sand.
 As soon as I tried to take a picture  I failed miserably 
Because I am currently moving so damn slow these little bits plastic stick out like a sore thumb.  
(I don't think I've ever seen someone stick out a sore thumb)
 It probably belonged to a mermaids daughter
 Sorry to break the news but just days after X-mas Rudolf  was decapitated.  It turns out that red nose of his was actually leprosy and Santa wasn't gonna let it spread to the rest of reindeer. 

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