Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You find a lot more stuff when your moving at a snails pace.

I'm recovering from a shin splint on my left leg, because of this I can barely run a 1/2 mile with out pain.  That doesn't mean I have stopped going to the beach.  I try to take at least an hour or two each day to dig my feet in the sand and connect with the Earth.

  When moving at a a pedestrian pace it's easy to find all kinds of  random stuff washed up and discarded in the sand. I have also been picking up 100's of pieces of litter along the way

 Roses were everywhere I picked up a few and even found a nice girl on the sand to give one away to.
She had a beautiful smile 
 I even found a fake one .
Quite the Bouquet
I found some jewelry as well but I thought it best not to offer this to a stranger.  I did however where it proudly on my pinkie
I found some high quality tools

Later in my walk I found a cake decoration that read Happy Birthday.  What a coincidence in a few hours I was going out to dinner with my buddy to celebrate his b-day.

The dude is lifeguard so I decided I would give him today's findings as a present
All I needed was some balloon string
 Somehow I lost the happy B-day decoration before I made it home.
"Oh Well"
I gave it to him anyway
(It's gotta be the most Bromantic gift I've given a friend, lol)

Yesterday I think I found more stuff than ever before
 Tell me, who doesn't like making pear sculptures in the sand?
 Almost look's real if I were color blind
And another one bites
and another one bites
and another one bites the dust.
 Finally a survivor
 Might as well point my camera at the sky every once in awhile
The game of life
 This dude totally ditched his wife and kids to go Surfing

 Another Survivor.  Nice loop on the handle.  I might have to carabiner it to my belt.  
(that is if I had a belt or a carabiner)
 Spinny thing 
 Someone totally missed the corn hole.
 Sand crab
 If only that girl I gave the rose to on Sunday was here.
(story of my life)
"Hey wait up I got some beads"
Alas my stupid shin splint kept me from catching up .
 If  this were Bedrock, I'd use it to go buy an Avocado
Good night Beach, good bye Sun I'll see you tomorrow.

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