Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster and Shovels

Birthday morning run
 7 miles
 Probably the closest thing I'll ever have to a bow tie.  I thought about trying  it on to my chest hair but I'll leave that imagery up to your imagination.
(lucky you)
 Nice design, 
 Pretty have gauge soap dish.  Does this mean I have to start using that sudsy stuff?
 Another fallen comrade soon to be an amputee 
So sad 

Birthday run evening
2 miles
How did the beach Know.

I can't remember the last time I found a B-day Balloon and today I found 2.  Although I appreciated the  kind gesture they both went in the trash

10 miles
 Finally someone I can beat at arm wrestling.  I won 2 out of 3 matches
But I had to cheat.  (SHHH!!)
 I accidentally dropped it around 5th st in Hermosa
 In case you didn't know I'm a bad ass who lives life dangerously.
I often run with a toothpick in my mouth!
 What the hell kind of tracks are those? It looks like someone hasn't cut their big toenail since the 60's, either that or there is some kind of narwhal footed monster roaming my sand.

I followed them for about a mile or two almost hoping that they would end going up a storm drain where this presumed mutant lived but unfortunately my attention span waned when I saw a pretty girl and I lost the trail.
 If I ever have to repeat the 3rd grade I'm gonna use this ball as Mercury in my model of the solar system.
My run wouldn't be complete without one.

 Tell me why would a kid want toy of a crossing guard cop?
 Another sunken vessel 
30th st  Manhattan
 Is that the ball I lost yesterday at 5th st in Hermosa?  
 They changed up the Tsunami signs.  I think that wave is gonna catch that dude before he makes it up the hill. Poor little guy.
 I guess it's a pretty good letter to find.  Your always gonna need vowels.  Plus in a pinch I could use it as a "W" or a "M" and in desperate times I could break off the center and use it as a "C"  orbreak off the top and the middle to make a "L"
(The possibilities are endless)
There's only so many stupid things I can say about a shovel.
 5th st Hermosa
It turns out  I now have a set of blue balls. 
 I'm golfing with my buddy later this week.  His favorite ball is the Titleiest Pro V.  He's gonna be stoked when give this to him.
 The was Narwhal was back again!  I can't wait to find this elusive beast
 "Hey dude, you got ripped off your never gonna find any plastic shovels with thing."
He did tell me he found a diamond earring earlier in the week.
 This shovel came full of dead sand crabs and seashells.  I decided to let it be.
 I have to look at this crap everyday
 Maybe I'll start scattering some pennies around in the sand to make there time seem more productive.
 Heel striking Vibram wearer.  I was way to late to capture a good shot.
 What's up with this stride?
 I don't understand.  It looks like it's going the opposite direction but then the little dingle berry print would have to me made by the small toe?
 Totally Bizarre
Maybe my beach is getting invaded by monsters?
That would explain this shoe, and all the children that have gone missing of late?

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