Monday, January 23, 2012

What did you find last weekend?

10 mile run

I found this moth about 1 mile away from the sacred ground of the El Segundo butterfly
 I am a self professed frisbee snob.  I don not like crappy discs and this my friend was P.O.S.  
It's owner was lucky to break it.

Eventually I will be able to build my own Chucky Cheese

7 miles
One of the best runs I ever had and I forgot the camera oh well

 "Saint Lockustine" the patron saint of lost keys. 
If these are yours I returned them to the Hermosa Beach Ralph's
 I got balls.
I think this shovel had the lap band surgery.

I decided to go out for a morning run before the football games began.  There was a pretty extreme high tide the night before and the beach was covered with debris. I did most of my run with trash bag cleaning up the sand.
(8 miles)
Safety first.  
 Mermaids can be be quite alluring but they can also be dangerous.
Always use protection!
Plus your offspring may not be what you expected.
 What a happy turtle
 Sadly I didn't get that nerf gun I always wanted for my B-day. If I ever do I'll be well stocked with ammo.
 Some people go to a gallery to see fine works of art.
I head to the beach.
(I adjusted the tint of the picture to help them stand out)
Drawn in the sand.  Whom ever the artist is, small child or Adult?
Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
The meaning of life!
makes me want a steam beer
It's time of year when the plastic turtles come up on the sand to lay their eggs?
 Why would someone from CA want a cookie in the shape of a Boot? 
Who makes cookies at the beach?

 How the hell did the picture come out so good? 
Who knew you could grow roses on the beach?
I guess the plastic kind can.
Crystal Ball
I refused to look into it .  I have no desire to know the future.  Uncertainty is the spice of life.
Check out the little pipers hiding in the footprints.
"The're my buds!"
"Darling it's better down where it's wetter."

Guess what's for dinner?
"The tiniest bowl of spaghetti ever."
Back in October I found the other half of the this phallic toy
October pic
What are the odds?
Could be related to Patrick Star?
Trippy skies
The sand was extra firm from rain.  This made jumping up a spike much easier.  The only problem was that since the sand was also much flatter the ball could keep going a few 100 feet.

The morning run was pretty good but I felt unfulfilled. Something was missing?
Where the hell were all the shovels?
I gotta go back

Sunset run.
(10 miles)
Handle was well build but the scoop needed a bigger rim
Simple nice design

 Alright I think I've hit my quota time to see what else I can find?
Good thing I found this thing a mu bob cause my hair was a mess until then.
(Listening to football on the head phones)
That back wheel is way to big.
Not quite Castle Gray Skull
But I got a pretty good imagination.
Glub Glub,
(I'm running out of things to say)
 I like the fact that this baby toy had an oceanic vibe.

 Chuckie Cheese whistle.  
It can be yours for only 15 tickets
High five to another awesome day.
 I recognize that smile from my morning run.  I didn't find any eggs though
 I guess I could of stayed home and watched the football game?
I had most of the beach to myself
And ran well after sunset.  
It's amazing I found my way without a headlamp.

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