Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 Biggest tombstone in the collection
Good thing I found these
 since they won't let me in the mall barefoot and shirtless.
Snow leopard print handles are really hard to find and so what if the lenses are so scratched up you can't see through them,  it's all about style anyway.

 Maybe tomorrow I'll find the rest of the surfboard
How Raphael did not learn his lesson the first time he was caught shoplifting in India I don't know?
 Imagine what I could build with these?
Hmm lets see.

Red on top of brown  and brown on top of red.
  I guess that sums it up.
I'm in for hours of fun
 Spare tire are good to have around just in case
 Now whenever I'm late somewhere I can blame it on the watch
Letter of the day is h
He handled his H hellaciously.

(too lazy to think of a better sentence.

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