Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lost my key and found some jewels from the orient

14 miles
 First thing I found was some decorative lace for the old hand held.

I was cruising along  a little over a mile into my run and noticed that the pocket on my handheld was wide open?

Uh Oh!
That's where I keep my car key and it was gone.

Instead of panicking I decided this was a good opportunity to put my expert skills to the test.
"I can spot a shovel from 100 yards away."
And tracking
"Well I think this video speaks for itself."

The beach was littered with foot prints as I stove to follow my own.   Serching the beach like an hawk for it's prey I scanned  the sand relentlessly. I remembered that there was also a small orange ball in that pocket that I found the day before that was also missing.  

I now had 2 things to look for.

I lost track of my prints a couple of times but didn't give up.
After about 3/4 of mile in look what I found.
That was good sign. 
 I decided to stop running and thoroughly search a 10 foot perimeter around the ball.

 Sure enough about 5 feet behind me I found my key
 Someday this dart will be sticking to someones forehead
maybe that someone will be you.
 I just need to find the other 9,999 pieces and I can finally build that lego Death Star I always wanted.  
The death Star was orange right?
I remember using these in the 80's when I went to the water park
I wonder whats inside?
(maybe some juicy fruit gum?)
It was filled Sand and air. 
( I use both things I use everyday)
I now have about 5 of these heart handled shovels.
(they are my favorite.)
 I only need two more to wipe my ass.

 I can add it my tower from the day before, exponentially increase the possible combinations.
 Is petroleum Vegan?

 It would suck if a girl came up too me and I didn't have pen to sign her rack.
I wouldn't want to cause tears.
Today I did not run into that dilemma.
 Easter already?
There's something inside?
(probably a rock or a shell)

 Jewels from the orient
(made in china)
 Bling Bling 
I wore it the rest of my run.
 The seagulls were ready for another nice sunset
 It was the first time in over a month I saw the Pelicans squadroning above.
 Sure why not?
 I think it's supposed to a watering can of fire extinguisher but I'm not sure.
 Life is good
 Home Sweet Home
 Just picking up a little trash near the end of my run.
 Golf is illegal to play at the beach.  Some people come out and practice at twilight so that they don't get caught 
This dude lost 2 balls.
and I got 2 new foot massagers.

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