Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pirates, Aliens and Zombies, The beach can be a very dangerous place

 I'm glad I found this side of the elephant
 This rake along with a super ball was strapped on to the pier at a height only an adult could reach. 
(Perhaps someday I'll be able to reach it/)

 Yep, I took archaeology in college.  Boy is that education starting to pay off

  Captain America's shield didn't prove too effective against Zombies

 Why are there so many single shoes on the beach?
I think it's pirates!
(Cause they only need one.)
 I tend to find way more left shoes than right shoes?
 I saw the bucket from a distance and got excited only to find out it had been trashed
 Every once in awhile I take my eyes off the sand
 How do all these shovels and rakes get busted?

Most people don't have any weapons to protect themselves when a pirate comes to steal their shoe. Plastic doesn't hold up too well in sword fight.
The fog was rolling in and strange formations formed on the sand.
Was this the work of Aliens? 
Were they the ones abducting people leaving only their shoe's behind?
 Clearly Carrie wrote her name in the sand for the Aliens to contact her.

 If you run across Carrie or Bridggete don't trust a word they say.  
(they are working for the aliens)
 Probably a last testament of love before abduction
 Something weird is going on?

 Short run average pickings
 Maybe not the best weapon to fight off a pirate with but a pretty good shovel none the less

 Is the pirate gene for having a peg leg dominate or recessive?

I speculate that is dominate do to the large volume of child size shoes I find on the sand.
 Looks like pretty nice whistle.  I wonder if it still works?
Wanna give it a try?
 And you thought they were extinct
 A pirate in sandals, you don't see that every day.
unfortunately I was too big to fit through the tunnel and had to go all the way around it. 
 Love the wood grain finish
 The Excalibur of bubble wands or is it a Leprechaun
When I get around to making that diorama this ball will represent Phobos
 Old faithful
 Old not so faithful
Merry X-mas everyone

 Baseball season is less than 40 days away
 A high wind advisory was in effect and this castle was literally disappearing right before my eyes
The Pelicans were cruising.
 The shoe is still tied!
Was is forcibly removed?
my precious
 Is this dude actually being abducted?
 Maybe not.

 Soccer time
 Can you guess what this is?
If you guessed Seagull vomit you win a gold star
Shameless plug for a company I'm helping out
 More abductions?
 I love the optimistic twinkle in his eye!
 Racquetball is tough sport to play at the beach
Another one?
 What a great place for a bridge
 The world is pretty big place.  
(the more stupid photos like this you see the more gimpy my body is, I'm supposed to exercising don't you know)
 Clearly this is part of some kind of alien space helmet
 Worst frisbee ever
 Are these tracks proof of pirates on the beach? 
Those curricular marks could only be made by some type of peg leg.

  Notice the dragging of the big toe. Why had I not thought of this before?
 Storm is coming
No running this morning.  I just came down to the beach to ice my legs
Storms over
So is Valentines day
 Time to ice the shin again
The end

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