Friday, February 24, 2012

Signs of Elvis, Aliens, a whole lot of love and the worst toe jam I'd ever had.


The beach gave me a valentine
 Too bad I only eat doughnuts in competition 
With this weight I can totally figure out which way is Down.

 I guess it's still valentines day Month
 You don't need to ask me twice
 Well hello there
Once in awhile Elvis forgets to cover his tracks.  Is he still alive? A zombie perhaps?
 My sisters name  is Kirsten, did she forget how it's spelled?

 I believe it reads Dude! in Chinese
 I especially like the happy heart accent
 Well done.
 So glad I didn't waste any money this year on a calendar 
 Prepubescent mermaid
 I think this stick dude was trying to get the mermaids Number
 What the hell was this person thinking?
This is a crazy world we live in
 Not everybody gets their art work done right the first time.
Is Pac-man about to eat the Monopoly guy?
 How could you not love Chavis.  "he's so dreamy <3"
 This one cracked me up. (continued below)
It originally said I love Hermosa Beach but someone crossed out Hermosa. It was written in the sand In Manhattan Beach 
  Do you see the cat?  I really dig the work of the "Artist"
I've never met an ostrcha
 Happy sand
 Where you at? At was here.
I'd totally live in that castle if I were a sand crab.
 Interesting design
 School of fish
 Flying palm tree
 Proof that aliens are real
 I like the way she does her B's
 Who names their kid Quessy?
 Pirate tracks
 At first I though it was gonna say "MEGADEATH" Madeline must be pretty hardcore

I only went to the beach for a few moments to ice my shin
 More abductions have occurred
 I think I shall.  Thanks for the reminder

 I wonder if the Hermosa Police arrested these hardcore taggers yet.  Lee Cami your days are numbered
 Mermaid girl. I wish is a was mermaid woman.

 I never find hats
 Today I decided to run along shoreline
 I came across about 30 roses like this one.  All except for one I stood up in the sand.
On my return trip I noticed numerous other people walking by smiling at the flowers growing out of the sand.
That made me happy.
 I love Katie  (sure why not) wait a second theres more too this message
 I messed up taking the picture but someone had added "eat's Poop"  Maybe she was deficient in b12?
 Full message.  Oh yeah you see the 2 girls off in to corner I gave one of them that final rose. Maybe it was Katie?
 The Beach just grinns
Hello Pulitzer! 
" This is a sad story with no beginning

middle, conflict climax hate love sex action end"
Sand dollar.  Can you use Sand Dollars to buy Sandals?

Sometimes the smallest piece of drift wood can be pretty awesome

These little egg sack were everywhere
 I tried not to step on them but I got distracted by a girl in a bikini.  
Slimiest toe jam I'd ever had.
 Just what I needed another hat.  It matches my tutu
No post would be complete without at least one shovel.

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