Monday, March 12, 2012

Found on the Beach Mexico Edition

 View from our Hotel room.  Would you believe that it took  us about an 8 mile hike on day 2 to reach the sand.
 Maybe we shouldn't have been using a picture from 1933 as our map.  It looked like there was a killer just a few blocks away.  
(It had long since been destroyed to build a shipping yard)
On the plus side we did pick up some coconuts along the way.  Which we smashed on the rocks and used seashells to scrap the flesh
We also found some beer at the store and used the coconut shell to pop the tops.
 That's not a rock
We did have to  watch our step
Good thing I had my Luna sandals

I was so excited to jump in the water I leapt a little too soon
In Mazatlan all gringo's use hot chicks for transportation
We found so other beaches to explore
Yes those are Luna Sandals
All the free crab legs you could eat.
(I had Zero)

Happy sand

It was abig day for Shawn.  He built that castle all by himself.  
(I think he did have to stop for juice box)
Surprisingly this little plane flew like champ
Shawn found this heart shaped toilet seat for his lover. Funny thing is in Mexico almost have the toilets I encountered were missing the seat.
I found more beer

Ted found some free wifi
The local children found out they were natuals at Capoeira.
Claudia found some rays
We all found smiles and good times.

 Time to get the hell out of Mazatlan hit up the canyons
 Canyons are made by rivers so there must be beach somewhere around here, Right?
Mexico can be adangerous place
Especially when the gringos invade

Check out the shadow on the disc.  
Very cool
How do you say Yipee in Spanish?
Don't drink the water

Photo by Eli Duke
Hot rocks and cold water a  perfect combination
Photo by Eli Duke
-Standing on the back of fossilized giant turtle Scott and I are confused about which way to go
This cow also got confused 

These sandals will take you wherever your heart desires
Dehydrated monkey

Back to Mazatlan
Photo by Eli Duke
5:15 a.m.
Photo by Eli Duke
Our new home
6:30 a.m.
Eli got nailed by rogue wave while he was sleeping on the sand.  
Photo by Eli Duke
I scared Ted out of the water
All packed  up and ready to head home.  

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