Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today I quit cold turkey

It was an ugly day in southern California.  Each time I went outside and stared up a clouds they looked confused whether to start peeing out some rain or not. I think my stink eye gave them stage fright and south bay remained dry but where was the sun?

It took me forever to finally get to the sand. By then the wind had died down, the temp was pretty mellow and the beach was pretty much deserted.  Off  on the horizon the a few rays of light reflected off the pacific yet the Sun remained nowhere to be seen.Then, for one brief moment the Sun appeared as it kissed the ocean.  It was almost as if it were winking at me "Thanks for coming out Pat, Sorry I couldn't make it. I had jury duty but I'll be back soon." 
 And when she returns I'll be waiting.
Today I ran to the music of my own thoughts (well that shouldn't last too long) eventually that turned into me singing aloud songs I only knew one line to. (including that gyote cover"somebody that I use to know" and the Soccer chant song "Ole Ole Ole"  I would sing the same line over an over again way too many times till I started laughing at myself.  As laughter wore off I ran to the rhythm of the Head knocker Mabobber whistle I found during mile 2 while a cleared my thoughts to repeat the cycle.
One of the best finds I've had all year.  Strangely the candy inside was missing but it remained factory sealed over the whistle till now.

A funny thing happened as I was jogging  past a balloon in the sand.  Hmm!  )Sometimes I pick up trash and sometimes I don't.  When I start thinking about it and I don't I feel like a dick). Well today, I thought about it, did nothing and kept running. 
 About 40 steps later I stopped, turned around, ran back and picked up the balloon.  At that point I told myself I would pick up every balloon I found, thinking I may find 5 to 10 of them?

Some dude's go for long romantic walks on the beach at sunset with beautiful ladies.
 I comb it for trash searching for  inner peace while finding beauty in the uncorrupted sand.
If any beautiful ladies want join me please be my guest.

Well over 100 balloons later I was still finding more. I found the Pig from angry birds, Jasmine, the little mermaid, Garfield, countless happy birthdays, happy anniversary, I love you,any more that were too worn out to read, about 30 Mylar and 100 plastic.  Then when I went throw them away many of trash cans already had balloons inside! (as if someone had already had swept the beach before I got there. "Jesus Christ!"  
Yep I found him too. 

What was that person thinking?
 "Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and in your honor I'm gonna buy a Mylar balloon with a cute little drawing of you and let drift all the way to heaven.  Alast something must of gone horribly wrong and thank god, (that's you) that Pat was there to pick up the remains  before some sort of sea-life died an agonizing death of suffocation.  I'll be sure to go buy another balloon ASAP and send it up you right away so that you will love me more!


I making a stand right her today!  I shall quit cold Turkey.  Never shall I purchase another disposable balloon again. Besides don't people realize that Helium is a finite resource you may laugh now and perhaps your doing it at real high pitch if your a gross offender but the days of balloons are numbered.

I'm done babbling for now. I wonder what tomorrows run at the beach will spur?


  1. Pat,

    When I recorded the Deadly Broken Glass Dilemma (search YouTube), none of the balloons I used were filled with Helium, and I cleaned them all up after popping them on broken glass. Also picked up most of the broken glass - which I did not bring with me anyway. I did leave the sticks, stones and clam shells however... Have fun

    P.S. thanks for sharing some music!