Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June gloom

June gloom has set in. 
The locals are gone and the lifeguards are wearing ski jackets while they watch inlanders swim in their jean shorts seeking respite from the sun that I am lusting for with every step. 

The Hermosa 24 is coming and its time to get my ass in gear.

Decent finds today on the sand, sturdy shovel, a nice sifter, a heavy Wham-O  and a Dora the Explorer afro pic.
All the essentials for a beautiful day at the beach.

On my very first step off the sand blowing through the wind was coupon for free 8 pack of coke.  I drink less than 5 sodas a year on average but, maybe these will come in handy to keep me awake as I run on the sand for 24 hours in just a few weeks.

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