Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Quest for Sunshine on a Rainy Weekend

 It had been over a week since I had been to the beach.  It's rare that I go even  two three days without putting my feet in the sand.  My body had been gimpy and I haven't been running.  The weather has been crappy,  rain has fallen from the sky the last 5 days and I couldn't remember the last time I saw the sun.  I've been wearing shoes and a shirt  almost everyday (this is getting weird) and the only exercise I have allowed myself as my body rejuvenates itself  has been  time  spend going nowhere on the elliptical.  
My solar cells were desperate need of a recharge!
In the winter you can build a sandman

Weather be dammed I'm going to the beach!
Yesterday I returned  to my home.
Barefoot and bare chested a smile came across my face and the injury that I have been nursing seemed to go away. I  had no plans of running but it felt so good to be grounded with the earth once again.  I began to trot and almost as soon as I began to move the clouds parted and the rain was replaced with rays of light.
I left the beach wanting more but not wanting to press my luck.  I even got most of X-mas shopping done. :)
Hmm does mom want a Frisbee or a shovel?
This morning I was excited to hit the sandbright and early.  About 5 mins into my run the sun came out.
the beach was smiling at me.
And I smiled back.
As I passed the Manhattan pier there was dude selling wooden Handguns ( I guess the kids call them "handplanes" nowadays) 
I have never been a surfer. (to the my old mans chagrin) My pops was a surfer and once a champion Hand gunner when he was a life guard. 

If I'm in the ocean there nothing I love more than using my Fiberglass Handgun (which is older than I am) to body surf with.  When I was kid  you would see people hand gunning all the time, but I think the company went under in the early 80's.  by 2000 you couldn't find them anywhere and nowadays they sell for big bucks on the rare occasion one comes up on ebay.
 In recent years there has been a resurgence in  body surfing using a handplane..  These handplanes were beautifully crafted but didn't come cheap around $150. (yikes) They were demoing them and the waves were pretty good but because of the rain, the quality of the sea water in the south bay isn't ideal to be swimming in.  Plus I had no fins or wetsuit,  
(not that I actually would use a wetsuit I'm just using it as another excuse for being a wienie)
A little rich for my blood and it's too late for me to start being good and ask Santa for one.  Perhaps I can trade them some Luna Sandals and beer? 

It was another great run my body is mending, it stayed sunny the whole time but as soon as my run ended the clouds converged and it began to rain but the smile did not wash off my face.

Life Is Good!

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