Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Pirates's Life for Me

When the body aint functioning right I run a little slower sometimes a lot slower and sometimes  I walk.  Every once in awhile I bring a camera with me to chronicle what I find.

Aromatherapy Mouth wash.
Hmm this might come in handy? Not for me though I already a piece of mint gum and toothpick in mouth Yep
"I run with a toothpick because I'm dangerous!"
 I figure that the reason most of the girls on the beach don't run up to me for a kiss is that they are self conscious about their breath?  This could totally solve that problem.
Eye patch.
It's actually the second one I have found in the last three weeks. 
But I need a string?
I found this balloon string about 80' away perfect

I was talking with some chick about pirates this morning and followers of the Flying Spaghetti monster are known for their Pirate Regalia so maybe I'll become on for the day?
(although I was moving so slow I think a pirate could have beat me in a race)

What else does a pirate need?
A hat?
Not Pirate worthey
She be fine looking Galleon
Little known fact :
9 out of 10 pirates lose their eye from running with a toothpick in there mouth.
Just in case I find some treasure
This bird may be a little old but
at least it won't fly away?
Of all the ale that could have been left on the beach this is the bottle I found.
"Woohoo there's still one sip left."

Now all I need is wench and I know just where to find one!
I think me and this creepy girl has a thing for me?
I have a strange affinity for heart handled shovels
This is a pretty dangerous beach
Is it okay for Pirates to wear Sun glasses?
I searched in the sand for some sort of map but was unable to crack the code.
 Sea weed?
The mermaids must of smoked it all before I got there. 
Alast the greatest treasure I found were these words that washed away seconds after I had read them
"To Pee or Not to Pee"

Now for the bonus bad joke of the day.
What did the Pirate find on the bottom of his foot?



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