Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 I'm thinking about putting together my own unsanctioned event/series of races soft sand races where there is no entry other than maybe a donation of an old pair of shoes I could give to Soles4souls.  The winner gets a golden shovel and every finisher gets a  shovel or rake depending on how they do. I still need to figure out the scale.  It could be good training for the Hermosa 24 Inagaral event will either be a there in back 8 or 4 mile run from El porto headed south to the end of Hermosa or Manhattan.
Who says love can't exist between a red turtle and and yellow fish.
  (not me)
If you see a lot of small crap in one these posts it probably means I've been walking.  The day before I found the sun and the moon. This time I only found the sun but I did fine a shoe and hand.( That's worth at least a moon in my book)  It was the fourth day in row that I found a coin I dig these crusty old pennies.  When I play disc the Elder's at EL Dorado we bet a penny on who can throw the best shot to the practice  basket after the round.  When you have a coin like this it's almost more fun to lose.
(I case your wondering  the last four days went Tails , Heads, Heads, Tails)
Yes I know picking up rocks in the shape of a heart is pretty girly.
 But I don't pick them up for me.
 Today the beach was deserted and this was the second one I found.  The first one I gave to a beautiful lady :) she may have been  in her 70's but she gave me a big smile ( I think she also wanted to give me some change and a sandwich but I wanted  to keep running)  about 20 minutes before I was done I found this specimen.
It will find a good home someday.
{> ???
How do you make that heart symbol with the keyboard?  I have no clue :)

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