Friday, May 31, 2013

Morality Check?

Do I have Morals?
  The first thing I found was Shovel (what a surprise) a few blocks later I found  pair of little kids sunglasses.  I noticed a family about 100 yards away and did and tried to read the footprints in the sand to see if they had passed by here and dropped them on their way
The footprints  told me nothing so I jogged over and asked if  the glasses belonged to them? . Sure enough they did.  The family was very nice and thankful and also accepted the shovel I had found as a bonus gift.
Test #2
Just a few blocks later I found a fat chain wallet sitting in the sand.  So picked it up and looked around to see if I could find the person who dropped it or was I looking to see if anyone had seen what I found? Nobody around me seemed like the owner so being the curious dude that I am I opened it up and?
The wallet was loaded with cash.  Was today my lucky day?
but so is every other day and the day after that.

I can't say I wasn't tempted to keep it, I didn't count the money I just snapped the wallet back closed and took it next lifeguard station before I changed my mind.
Besides what the Hell do I need money for
Shovels are free! 
(this is what else I found after the wallet)

As I kept running a dream came back to me from the night before.  In my dream I had dreamt that I had gotten a new chain wallet? ( I use to wear a chain wallet back in highschool and I still think they are kind of cool, much to the chagrin of most ladies I know) It was the same exact style wallet that I found on the beach. Black Leather with  big metal snaps.
I remember Laughing in my dream because wearing a chain wallet requires belt loops and since I wear pants maybe 5 days a year it doesn't really make sense.

Plus I already got a Wallet "Hecho in Mexico" by the Tarahumara.
Yep that's $5 and it's all mine I've been holding on to that bad boy for years.

I called my run off early  after an hour because of tightness in my left achilles. 
(I have  a race this weekend that I want to win.)

After sitting on the beach for a little while I became stir crazy and went for a leisurely walk.
There I found an item I hadn't seen since I was wee lad.
Fisher Price my first Beer Bong?
I think it's important that kids don't adult sized beer bongs especially before long road trips.  It sucks having to stop every other block so Jr. can puke or go to the bathroom.
This dude would destroy Iron man in an arm wrestling contest.

I wonder what I'll find today?

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  1. Every time I've found a wallet and been able to return it, I've ended up getting a gift that was worth WAY more than the cash in the wallet.