Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zen and the art of bubble blowing

For the past couple weeks of have been working on my breathing while I run and while I sit in the sauna. What was my inspiration you ask? (I don't really think you were asking but I'm gonna tell you anyway) 
2 weeks ago I had brought bottle of Bubbles to the Born To Run Ultra Marathon.  It had been awhile since I last used the stuff. At first I tried a little too hard, which equaled zero bubbles and a re-dip which happened a few times.  I was too excited for bubbles.(bubbles are pretty exciting) I needed to calm down. 
 "Relax your mind"
 Eventually I would find my rhythm . Using a steady focused exhale bubbles began to fill the sky.  When I run an Ultra I haves hours upon hours alone for my mind to drift.  While running in the 50k I envisioned that  I was blowing bubbles as I ran.  I'm not sure if it helped me but it made me smile and I won the race.
Yesterday I ran on the beach with a new friend.
  "Man This chick can breathe!"
(I find breathing Sexy)
  As she he demonstrated and explained her breathing technique's, I was really impressed.  Just as I started explaining my new found methodology I found this wand. 
"It all about a calm focussed exhale and letting the inhale come naturally. As you breathe envision the steady stream of apple  sized bubbles gracefully floating away."

 But the story doesn't end there.
A couple hours later I went back to the beach for another run.
And what did I find?
 2 half full bottles of bubbles of "Super Miracle Bubbles" to go with "Miracle Bubble Wand "
Were they referring bubbles?  I totally get it now.
Sweet, now my hands don't have to get all soapy.

That afternoon after my second run of the day I sat on the beach blowing bubbles for almost an hour watching the dolphins swim by. The biggest kid on the beach definitely was me.

I wonder if anyone will mind if I bring my bubbles to the sauna, perhaps I should add a few drops of eucalyptus?

Life Is Good!

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