Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So nice, I had to run twice

I arrived at the beach in the early afternoon with plenty of time to get in a nice run. 
 God finds ,Batman frisbee, a few shovels , an octopus a couple crabs and a big old whale.
   Plus this little kitten I forgot was hidden in my pocket for safe keeping

I still had a few moments of sunshine left to enjoy. 
Life is short I better keep going:
 I found this Chi Chi  Rodriquez power bracelet (minus the power part) It's probably still on my wrist? .....
(looking down)
Yep it still is 
 Awkward Heart = solidarity with my soul
(sure why not)
 For those on the East Coast this is a Pro Kadema paddle
 Broken but still worthy, both myself and this shovel.
 Found it sticking up the sand and snapped a pic
 same with this one a 1/2 mile later
7th shovel of the day
 The sun was almost gone, I'll go one more mile then head back home.
 Do I really live here?
Is this really my wife?
And this my home?

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