Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Early bird catches the Sea-Leach

I arrived at the beach before the morning fog had lifted, I had found 16 shovels the past two days and thought perhaps I had picked the beach bone dry.
What the hell was I thinking!
 13 shovels 3 star fish, 2 crabs 2 bunnies  a buch of castle stuff plus a bit of whatever I'm too lazy to describe it.
How do I carry all this crap you ask?
Well I run with my shirt in my hand an most of it wrapped up inside.  Plus what you see here is only about 1/4 of what I pick up, the other stuff goes straight in the trash can before it is washed out to sea.  The shit that isn't already broken will either get thrown away or destroyed by lifeguard trucks aimlessly driving down the beach before I get to it. What am I going to do with it? Good question! I have given away most, made some art, made some beer mile awards and am  receptive to new ideas?
I have become quite the aficionado of crappy plastic beach toys but have never found any of these bunnies until today and they were separated by over 2 miles.   Never seen the Mickey head before either,  As for the Chuckie whistle it still works "Yes" It is the third one I have found in 2 years
I think this Sea-Leach latched on too me during the run because he fell out of my shorts just before taking a shower.

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