Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sure you can buy all kinds of crap at Target but I seek my treasure one stride at time, with a hint of tar and covered and sand.

The skies were grey and their was a high surf advisory in effect, (meaning lot's of random stuff would be washed onshore.) For the last few weeks I have been running for 2 to 4 hours a day.  I have been pondering 50km race this Sunday and decided that this morning instead of running I would go for a ten mile frolic.

 Hey there "Scuba Steve"
I can't help but wonder what he once held in his right hand.  Maybe tomorrow's run will bring the answer?
 This dude look's like he lost either his motorcycle or his jet ski. 
(poor guy)
 And this kitty look's like she needs a friend.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Best Friends Forever, 
Can you hear the purring?
I like how the toys are scaled here with the dinosaur and the tree being the smallest.
I found this cool Peace ring that I shall imprint on the faces of evildoers.
 Kind of Ironic?
It's really hard to take a picture of ones own fist. Also Scuba Steve is not evil but I needed someone to play the role of e villain, either that or he accidently got in the pic. 
 What a lovely bow on a not so lovely dude
 Do you know what this is?
When I was wee lad  we use to call them "Hand Guns"
 You use them to body surf with.  This one is made of wood, covered in wax and probably retails for about $40 I was really stoked to find it
 I also found a generic XL fin than fits my foot perfectly
 La Mariposa shovel bling. This is going on a friends beer mile medallion. for the 2014 B2R Beer Mile
 One of these days I'm gonna build the bestest castle ever.
 6 man V-ball player bracelet 
This tournament cost over $1,000 a team and is a huge party, maybe next year I can sneak in?
 I found some reading glasses.
(maybe they can help me spell check?)
 And I scored a pretty nice pair of Woman's Ray Bans with no scratches.

I know what you are saying right now?
"Damn Pat you found an amazing amount of crap today but where are all the shovels?"

Ta dah!
Not a bad haul 
 Why does this broken shovel have a 
 Bonus Hand Plane!
(I can't wait to try it out and really dig the ingenuity)
 Did your keen eye already notice this?
First heart shaped handle of the new year.
I may look stupid trying to jog with all this stuff in my hands?
But when you see the big old grin on my face a little jealousy set in.
You gotta find your bliss somewhere?
C'est la vie

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