Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Triathlon Really?

The weather today was almost too good.  I knew the sand would be blistering hot so I decided to take my morning run a bit earlier than usual.
When I started smelling cooked bacon it was time to stop?
It was the smell of my feet burning GROSS but still less gross than what's in bacon
 First find almost buried in the sand was Garmin 110 watch.  I actually have one of these which I bought about 4 years and one button has fallen off.  I have a charger and will  put this to good use. maybe
Next up was a pair of goggles.  You know Batman wouldn't let them use his logo if they were not a quality product.

Now that I got a watch and goggles I began to joke with myself that all I needed was a bike and I'd be a triath-a -douche (that was uncalled for) I mean  Triathlete.  The chances of finding a bike were very slim and how the hell would I carry it if found one?

Less than 1/2 mile later
 I found my bike
Done with that story on to the other crap I found
 Ever since getting home from Boston I've been picking up plastic egg parts left over from Easter.  Most of the time they go straight in the trash but this one survived long enough for me to take this pic
 Shovels!  Of course, what did you expect?
Krypton replica? 
 Crab cutter. can somebody say vegan crab tostadas?
I made these for lunch when I got home
 Coconut really?
It was a pain in the ass to carry but it's only the third coconut I have ever found in the South Bay.

Currently it's 3:39 P.M. I'm about to head back down to the beach for run 
Number Two

 Life Is Good!

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