Tuesday, September 23, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things (you're supposed to sing that tittle)

Guess what happened today?
Did you guess that I went for run on the beach?
If you did
time for some dancing babies.

On to the crap I found!
Today I found three of my favorite things?
Favorite thing 1.
 I have started a collection of bubble wands. 
I dig this simple crown motif.
(4th wand in 7 days)
Favorite thing 2.
 Next up I found back to back to back yellow crooked handle shovels.  The yellow plastic shovel is the most common variety but the crooked handle variety makes them a bit more rare.
 Colorful but I'm a shovel snob
 Go Angels!
 I think I will use this tonight?
 I am not a Giants fan but I am a fan of anyone playing the Dodgers.
 You would be amazed at how many monster trucks I have found over the years.  
Easily over 20 
 I found this torch thing.
  I didn't know what it was, I was hoping it was some sort of lighter or flashlight. (it says LEGO on the side)  I almost threw it away but I kept carrying for a reason that hadn't yet become apparent to me?
 Vegan Stake
Dumb joke I know.  
I always break my tent stakes, lucky for me I find at least one a week.
 (this week I found 3)
 Favorite thing 3
Beach Fortunes.  
I didn't plan on making any changes for worse?  
That would be pretty dumb!
(Random Fact: I have never eaten at a Panda Express)
 That's what that torch thingy was for.
Worlds best Beach fortune carrier if you ask me!
(Mind blown)

My run was over I was tired but somthing caught my eye off in the distance so I kept going.
It turned out to be a couple of whom I assume (Hey that's fun to say "whom I assume") European girls expressing their right to equality with a silent protest.

I love Equality!!!

So much so I ended up running 4 more miles.
Then I found me some bubbles,
 (wand included)
Factory sealed.

Life is Good!

The End

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