Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Tale of Two Days at the Beach

It was the best of tides, it was the worst of tides.
It's been a long time since I posted here and I keep getting funnier looking by the day.

Here's a  pointless tale of my last 2 day's at the beach and what I found.
Yesterday, man did the weather suck!  The beach was cold and empty.
Lately I have only been finding one or 2 shovels a day on the beach but but on this day I found 5 including one with a heart built into the handle. My favorite kind because
 i'm such a sensitive dude?

Other find's include a tea cup (I find at least 1 a month) a toy car ,a plastic star and by the most random the head from Mexican snail.
 (now hanging from the rear view mirror of my car)
 Today the weather was beautiful but the Heart handled shovel was broken.
and the plastic Ice Cream had already melted
 Hmm. If happiness is just an Illusion I'm gonna keep running until I hallucinate
A little improvised ice Cream with the help of a smash ball
Then I found the perfect Sombrero for next years Bare Burro 5k
and it's also a bottle opener! Ouch?
I'm  a big fan of shovels.  (that's no secret) I am trying to learn to rakes the same respect.  Lately every time I find one I like to pretend it a plastic Zombie crawling out of the sand and that usually puts a smile on my face
I totally forgot I still had ice cream left over in my car from last week.

I wonder what I will find Tomorrow?


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  2. Love these Patrick. So much fun. Thanks!

  3. I love this!! I love how somedays you "find inner peace, others it may be beautiful sunset" ... while other days you find shovels, rakes, ice cream cones and such!! :~) FUN!!