Thursday, September 19, 2013

In search of BOOBIES. What else is new?

Yesterdays adventure requires a little

For years while waiting in line at REI  I had scanned this little chart about the birds in Los Angeles.  I think it cost like $8 (where the hell am I gonna get $8) every time I was in line at the store I looked forward to scanning through the damn thing.
(I forget most of what I saw by the time I got to my car)

Then one day last winter I was running on the beach and saw a bird I had never seen before,  it just so happened that I had a package to pick up at REI.
Time for some
To my dismay it was nowhere to be found?
"Who the hell wasted $8 bucks on my bird chart?"

Fast-Forward to Tuesday.
 I went out to dinner with my step mom and what did I find in the back seat of her Car?
I should have known, my step mom always has an extra $8 lying around. 
She was kind enough to lone it to me indefinitely 

I'm gonna find everyone of those damn birds!
But First 
I'm Gonna find me some 
(a dude has got to have priorities right?)
All over the news the last few days has been the presence of  boobies in southern California.

Time to start my new career as an ornithologist. 

"To the Beach I say!"
(I decided to bring a crappy ass tiny camera with me)

I like it 
I took pictures of every bird I saw but  my camera really sucks and I'm a pretty scary dude to tiny bird
"So you get what you get and you don't get upset."
This little guy is a 
"Long-billed Dowitcher"
"Long-billed curlew"
"Brown Pelican"
(old pic cause my new own royally sucked)

Still no boobies!
I never cease to be fascinated by what people draw and write in the sand
"Billy is a dick!" 
 "Elegant Tern"
These little dudes have long been one of my favorites
"What the Hell"

In all my years including at least 10,000 miles worth of running on the beach this is the biggest fish head I have ever come across washed up on shore.

I wonder if has anything to do with all the sharks being spotted in 
Manhattan Beach?
(see the people in the link that's about where I found the fish head)

Shark hysteria makes my laugh by the way
Ha Ha Ha! 
(wow I am such a bad ass)
Finally without even realizing it at first I had found some boobies.
(apparently the blue feet had already washed away) 
I will continue my ornithological studies and I will continue to search for

Since I had a preface I guess I should have 
Other birds I saw during yesterdays walk/run include:
Western Gull
Snowy Plover
Common snipe
Caspian tern
Hermans Gull

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