Saturday, September 21, 2013


 Who the heck wears that kind of jewelry to the beach and wouldn't you know if if you were missing somthing that big?

You can't spell Cleopatra without  "Pat" and if you did you'd have "Cleora" and that sounds to much like the name of a yeast infection cream you would buy at whole foods.

I searched for a lucky lady to give the necklace to but the weather was cold and besides it would take a pretty special person to be worthy of that kind of bling.
If I were looking for a female version of Mr.T the beach wouldn't be the first place I look.
(although this necklace got here somehow?)

Other I crap I found:
An inverted star fish with quite the distinguished smile.  The second walrus I have found in the last week. A weird little horse thing that I don't really understand, laker call, shovel,  some tombstones, blue ice and a couple cocktail umbrellas.
 (in case it rains its a good thing I found 2 because they are pretty tiny)

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