Saturday, January 4, 2014

Man it's cold outside! (says the whining beach runner on a 55 degree cloudy day)

 January 3rd 2014
Man it's cold outside (says the whining beach runner on a 55 degree cloudy day)
 So cold in fact I wore a shirt. AND IT WAS LONG SLEEVED!
 Look how sad I am
(first time I have worn a shirt running on the beach in many, many months)

Already the third day of the year and I had only found 3 shovels in my first two runs. I was jonseing for my fix.  
 Does a Baskins Robbins spoon count?

Now I'm getting sidetracked on somthing that pretty out there to begin with (don't read unless you are really board, but thats probably case if you're here wasting time in the first place)

What is a shovel:
Why I am so elitist that I don't consider this fine pink specimen as a quality shovel? Sure it is smaller than your average made in China sold at the .99 store with a rake and bucket variety but with it's smaller size more precise shovelry (now I'm making up words) can be achieved and I think that is great. 
It may have been frigid out but not cold enough to freeze the love out of people from drawing hearts in the sand.  As for me though I needed somthing to lift my spirits?
All of sudden my luck changed 
 I found these two shovels and it didn't seem so cold anymore.
I stood by that hole for a few minutes trying to muster up enough courage to touch it.
What if it were some kind of bottomless pit to China?
(I left my passport at home)
Nice Castle dudes
I really like this portrait of Dylan, it is as if the drawing itself came from some parallel 2 dimensional world  and wrote it's name on the sand boundary between his domain and mine.
Colbra commander wears way too much clothes to come to the beach in the summer time
One of my favorite things to find drawn in the sand are horribly shaped hearts.  
Love comes in lots of shapes
(that's me being profound)

and finally 
 at the very end of my run I found these two roses standing up in the sand. 
Every time I find a flower on the beach I stand them up in the sand, this time I didn't have to.

All in all it turned out to be good run on a cold day. As I type this on the morning of January 4th the sun is starting to poke his head out and I'm anxious to get back on the sand.

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  1. Pat,

    Your blog cracks me up! Love your sense of humor and attitude towards life. Keep up the good work and cleaning up the beaches!!