Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Holiday crap

Holiday weekend is over.  In the last there days I have gone for 5 runs on the beach.
Before I go on about all the wonderful crap I found, here is some important information I learned from the wall at the beach.
Scooby Doobie Doo  Loves YOU!
 4 working bic Lighters.  
I also found at least 8 rusted lighters that I threw away. 
 When I was a little kid I use to look forward to going to the beach with mom on the 5th of July. While she played volleyball I would scour the sand for unlit fireworks and lighters.
  Sadly I didn't find any fireworks but there is always tomorrow.
Of course I found shit ton of your standard variety shovels. 
(i found about 6 more that I gave away while running)
Plus a few fancy ones.

Shovel of the Day
I don't care if it's cracked it's still my favorite.  It's been awhile since I found one of theses
I found one of these stupid things. At first glance they are kind of cool but what are you supposed to do with it?  People look at me funny at the sauna when I use it to roll out my calves 
(true story)
It looks like wood trim is all the rage this year when it comes rakes.
I was pretty stoked to find the clover

What was the creepiest thing I found?
First I found the Baby on Board sign, which is weird thing to take to the beach don't you think? 
 then a few miles later I stubbed my toe on this creepy baby with it's head spun around backwards.
Does this mean I can now drive in the carpool lane?

Time for a game
Yes, I bet you didn't see that coming? No way were you gonna "Gotcha me"
  Now think of Uno color: blue, orange, green, yellow, red) and Number 0-9.  
You got it? I really want you to do this, 
so do it 
and don't forget what it was.

More on this at the end of the post.

Favorite thing I found
This Hotmetal harmonica.  I'm gonna get all the chicks once I learn to play it.
I found a couple guns
and even a grenade

But the most useful thing I found was 
This beauty and the Beast travel comb.  I would totally put this in my toiletry kit if I had a toiletry kit. 

Check out the before and after pics

What was your Uno number and Color?
If you picked Orange or 9 
I win.

The End
there is still another hour left of day light?

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